Aesthetic medicine

In our offices, you can take advantage of the offer of laser therapy, cosmetology treatments based on injection treatments (mesotherapy) and complementary cosmetics treatments, i.e. peels.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments allow you to quickly reduce imperfections and restore the skin’s beautiful appearance at any age. Their main advantage is low invasiveness. Laser therapy consists in affecting the changed tissues with laser beams of appropriate power and wavelength.

The versatility of laser treatments allows this therapy to remove or reduce many skin problems, i.e. stretch marks, scars, acne changes, discoloration, wrinkles, and also allows you to perform a face lift, thanks to which our skin becomes elastic, smooth, tense, illuminated and regains its youthful freshness.

General information

Laser treatments are completely safe and give spectacular results. After leaving the office, you can immediately return to your everyday life, but you should remember about the recommendations and appropriate skin protection.
It is not recommended to perform laser treatments in the summer period due to the increased exposure to UV radiation.
The number and frequency of treatments is determined individually with the patient after prior consultation and medical history.
G. It lasts up to 14 days and depends on the individual patient’s predispositions.

Face, neck and cleavage lifting with the MonaLisa Touch laser

The aim of the treatment is to smooth, improve, tension and firmness as well as even out the color. In a word, restoring a youthful, radiant appearance to the skin. The laser pulse penetrates very shallowly into the skin without damaging deeper tissues and blood vessels. The laser beam stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In addition, it makes collagen fibers shorter and thicker. This treatment allows you to achieve spectacular effects of thermolifting and acne scars treatment, and also shortens the recovery time to a minimum.

After the treatment, the skin turns red, there is usually a feeling of tightness and burning, in some cases there is swelling. As a result of the laser, the surface of the skin is rough and a mesh of dimples is visible. Such sensations may accompany you for several days.

When the skin heals after the treatment, the top layer of the epidermis may peel off.

MonaLisa Touch scar reduction

Most often, scars result from damage to the dermis and replacement of the defect with fibrous connective tissue. They also appear after surgery or operations. The predisposition to scarring is individual. Sometimes they are so problematic that they limit us in everyday life.

The laser intervention starts the process of tissue regeneration and stimulates the skin to renew. The production of new collagen and elastin increases. The first visible effects appear after 2-3 weeks. The number of necessary treatments is always determined individually, it depends on the size of the scar. Typically, however, 5 to 10 sessions are recommended.

Reduction of stretch marks with the MonaLisa Touch laser

Stretch marks are the most common skin defect faced by women after pregnancy and those who gained a lot of weight in a short time, which significantly stretched the skin. Stretch marks can also be the result of a dysregulated hormonal balance. Collagen fibers are characterized by high elasticity, unfortunately, it often happens that they do not withstand tension and break, which results in the formation of stretch marks.

The laser effectively reduces stretch marks by stimulating the skin to regenerate itself. The laser-induced microtrauma stimulates fibroblasts to intensively create new collagen and elastin, thanks to which the skin begins rebuilding processes at the site of damaged cells. It is worth noting that the laser focuses only on the diseased fragment of the skin, avoiding healthy tissues, so it does not interfere with larger areas of the skin than needed. The laser beam reaches the deep layers of the epidermis, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Laser stretch mark reduction is a method that brings multidirectional benefits. In addition to reducing stretch marks, the effect of the treatment is additionally firmed, smooth and clearly tense skin.

Scalp mesotherapy

The scalp mesotherapy treatment is dedicated to people who struggle with the problem of excessive hair loss. It consists in introducing active substances into the deeper layers of the skin, which allows for the reconstruction, strengthening and biorevitalization of the hair follicle, and thus healthier, stronger and more dense hair. Mesotherapy is a highly effective procedure. The number of required treatments and their frequency is determined individually.

Exfoliation – acid peeling

Acid exfoliation is a procedure involving the removal of dead epidermis. Exfoliation stimulates the deeper layers of the skin, which supports its renewal and improves the production of elastin and collagen. Acid exfoliation is an ideal treatment, especially for problematic skin, which will not only smooth and refresh it, but also reduce discoloration, acne changes and even out the color. Acid exfoliation is a procedure whose action is adjusted to the type of skin. Therefore, depending on the condition of the skin, skin problems and the patient’s expectations, the intensity and depth of exfoliation are selected.

The acid exfoliation treatment is recommended to be performed in the fall and winter season when exposure to UV radiation is reduced. It is also worth remembering to avoid a solarium 2 weeks before the procedure and to give up other exfoliating treatments.

The series usually includes up to 8 treatments with an interval of 10-14 days.

After the treatment, follow the recommendations and avoid exposure to UV radiation.

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