Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a stage of enormous physical and emotional changes for a woman, so it is worth taking time to take care of yourself and your body during this period. Massage in the prenatal period is a soothing and beneficial therapy, positively influencing the well-being of a woman.

Advantages of pregnancy massage

  • reduces pain and swelling,
  • reduces stress through relaxation and relaxation,
  • reduces the formation of stretch marks,
  • brings relief in ailments resulting from health problems, even before pregnancy,
  • improves the mental and physical condition of a woman, and thus affects the child’s well-being,
  • before and after the procedure, fetal heart rate and blood pressure are monitored,
  • massage performed with the use of special, mild and neutral oils.

In many cases, massage is an excellent alternative to pharmacotherapy, which has a very limited field of action during pregnancy.
With the mother’s consent, it is possible to gently massage the tummy – and thus also the baby who gets used to the benefits of human touch.

When can you get a massage?

The appropriate time to start massages is the beginning of the second trimester – from the 12th week of pregnancy, and they can be safely performed up to the 36th week of pregnancy. The time and scope of treatments is flexibly adjusted to the patient’s current psychophysical condition.
The techniques of pregnancy massage are adapted to the needs of a woman at different times of pregnancy and evolve along with her rapidly changing body. These techniques are comfortable and pleasant, without the use of pressure, pressure or patting. Only special, mild and neutral oils are selected for the massage.

Massage contraindications:

  • endangered pregnancy,
  • multiple pregnancy,
  • the occurrence of certain skin ailments.

Safety and comfort

Before each massage, there is a medical consultation. Before and after the massage, the pregnant woman’s blood pressure and the fetal heart rate are measured. For the massage, we use fittings of the renowned HABYS company, selected for pregnancy massage, facilitating the positioning of the woman during the procedure. The fittings ensure full comfort in both lying on the side and stomach, improving the effectiveness of the massage and making it easier to perform. Fittings are made of foams with optimal elasticity and resistance to deformation.

Taking care of your health is our calling.